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How is the World do I Avoid Plastics?Parts 1,2, and 3

Updated: Dec 14, 2022


Jay, Anthony G, PhD, Estrogeneration, How Estrogenics are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile, 2017, p42.

PMID: 21367689 Most plastic products release estrogenic chemicals: a potential health problem that can be solved.

BPA PMID: 9074884, Relative binding affinity-serum modified access (RBA-SMA) assay predicts the relative in vivo bioactivity of the xenoestrogens bisphenol A and octylphenol.

PMID: 9449681 The estrogenicity of bisphenol A-related diphenylalkanes with various substituents at the central carbon and the hydroxy groups.

PMID: 16690810 Large effects from small exposures. III. Endocrine mechanisms mediating effects of bisphenol A at levels of human exposure.


PMID: 22832070 Phthalate excretion pattern and testicular function: a study of 881 healthy Danish men.

PMID: 15951666 Phthalate metabolites and biomarkers of reproductive function in young men.

PMID: 10746941 The estrogen receptor relative binding affinities of 188 natural and xenochemicals: structural diversity of ligands Tests conducted on canned foods. Accessed 12/2/22

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I cannot thank you enough for bringing this information to my attention. You have no idea! <3

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