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Artificial Colors in Food Part 3

Now, let me warn you. You gotta be smart when your scampering through PubMed looking at abstracts and studies. There was a nice, big review and assessment published in 2021 in the Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal evaluating the potential for neurobehavioral effects following exposure to FDA approved food colors. The results indicate a lack of adequate or consistent evidence of neurological effects. And if you look real carefully at the very end of the full-text article, the study was supported by the American Beverage Association,!! who was "given the opportunity to review the draft manuscript to provide input regarding the clarity of the science presented." They might have a little trouble being objective here. They kinda have a dog in this fight. I'm not saying we just discard research with outcomes we don't like. That is NOT the way science works. If evidence is produced that is contrary to my take on something, I'll change my position. I'll have to! You can't take a position, then spend the rest of your career only looking for ways to confirm it. You've got to take truth as it comes. good, bad, or ugly. Expected or unexpected. I'm also skeptical of environmental groups who fund research because they definitely have an outcome they're hoping to find. It tends to align with my current understanding on estrogenics, so I'm extra careful to avoid going easy on them. You always have to follow the money trail and see if the authors can really be objective before deciding what you're going to do with their conclusions. It's a war zone in the medical literature field. Let me tell you.

Stay connected. There's more to come on food dyes! We're getting smart about this!


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