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Have you benefited from compounded hormone therapy? If so, you won't be happy with what the FDA is planning.

The FDA has never been a fan of compounding, but now it looks to be making a move that could keep millions of people from using a critical medication.

Here's the deal:

Last year, the FDA paid for a study of compounded hormone therapy (cBHT). The result: According to the FDA the study concluded that there isn't much clinical evidence for or against cBHT.

Strangely, though, the study recommended that cBHT be restricted. (Well, not so strange. That was exactly what the FDA asked it to say.)

Never mind that millions of Americans use cBHT every day and rely on it. Never mind that the study didn't find any significant negative effects of cBHT.

Oh, and never mind that the study didn't even ask patients whether cBHT worked! (It does. Very well.)


But now:

The FDA is using that study — yes, the one it paid for — as an excuse to consider limiting or even outright banning compounded hormone therapy.


You read that right: If you or someone you know uses cBHT, it might soon be a lot harder to get.

here's how you can help

Neighborhood compounding pharmacies are trying to fight back, but we need your help. It’s simple: Tell us your story about how compounded hormone therapy has affected your life.


We’re collecting thousands of these stories to try to convince the FDA that compounded hormone therapy is too important to risk losing.


Please, go to the link below. Tell us a little about yourself and how cBHT has changed your life or your loved one’s. It only takes a few minutes, and it will help prevent FDA from restricting your healthcare!

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