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The New Hormone Therapy- For the Old and the Young

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

In our younger years our bodies produce all the natural hormones we need to be vigorous, healthy, energetic and active. As we age, or for various other reasons, we gradually begin to produce less testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and other hormones that are critical to our well-being. In the early period of humankind, life was hard and short. Much of hormone production was geared to achieve strength and vitality to the end that we might successfully reproduce. After that the decline was rapid. We got old and weak and were soon dinner for a saber tooth tiger.

Now that lifespans have lengthened due to medical advances in treating diseases, we are still left with significant drops in hormone levels after our peak reproductive years. But, we can now expect to live well into our 80s and there’s still a lot of living to do! We need those hormones around a lot longer.

With the new bio-identical hormone therapy there are no artificial medicines that mask the symptoms of hormone depletion. Thoughtful practitioners prescribe natural ingredients which match, identically, the hormones that your body produces. In the past, many doctors prescribed estrogen replacements that were from animal sources or manufactured, altered version of our native human hormones. They are now known to have dozens of serious side effects.

We all go through significant changes as we age. While not necessarily life-threatening in the short term, hormone imbalances rob us of a full and vigorous life. Hormone deficiencies in both genders can produce anxiety, insomnia, weight gain from fat, decreased bone density, irritability and anger, insulin resistance, unhealthy cholesterol levels, loss of muscle mass, sagging skin, and vision problems. Sometimes it’s just a loss of energy and zest for life with persistent fatigue. There is generally a reduction in sex drive and satisfaction. It all takes a toll on relationships. It can leave you frustrated and worn out. It becomes hard to trust your emotions because they are often irrational and don’t make sense. It is not the real YOU.

The important thing to remember is hormones are not just about menopause and hot flashes anymore. Hormone issues can manifest as early as your 20s. In the new millennium, it’s all about optimizing hormone health to get the most out of every decade of life. The literature supports this.

“I was afraid of what hormones would do to me because I didn’t understand them. When I got tested I found out I was low in 4 out of the 5 major hormones. I was so relieved to find that out because I thought I was going crazy. Six weeks after I began the bio-identical treatment I felt like I was a totally different person. I felt level. I felt stable.”

Lisa T. Salt Lake City, Utah

Hormone changes are more typical among mature adults, but anyone, at any age can experience most of the problems listed above. Add to that migraines, infertility, fibromyalgia, and erectile/orgasm issues. These problems can be serious and very disruptive—even debilitating.

See a healthcare professional today to see if bio-identical hormone therapy can help move you solidly towards better health and feeling good. Feeling confident. Feeling YOU


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