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It appears that Express Scripts is forcing you to leave independent community pharmacies, and compounding pharmacies in particular in order to access your Tricare pharmacy benefits.  They have terminated our Tricare contract effective 10/24/22. Those pharmacies that remain in network are having their reimbursement rates slashed.  We have seen draconian measures like this before from Express Scripts, the $174 billion company* that manages prescription benefits for Tricare and others.  Over the years they have created a huge financial position for themselves in between pharmacy providers, plan sponsors, patients and even drug companies, pulling a staggering $7 billion in profit* out of the pharmacy industry and the pockets of plan sponsors.  In the past they have been forced to reverse some Tricare policies because of the massive outcry from military folks, pharmacies and other stake holders.  This latest stunt feels very much like Express Scripts acting to redirect patients to pharmacies they own, which seems like a conflict of interest.

*2021 Cigna Annual Report (Cigna merged with Express Scripts in 2018)

What Can You Do?

• Submit a complaint about your pharmacy of choice being excluded from the TRICARE network by calling 1-877-363-1303 or sending an email to  Also mail a hardcopy of your complaint directly to:


Defense Health Agency

Pharmaceutical Operations Directorate

7700 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 5101

Falls Church, VA22042-5101


• Contact your U.S. senators and representative.  Look up their contact information here:


• Share your story on social media, tagging @MilitaryHealth, @TRICARE, and @ExpressScripts in your posts.


• Submit a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Or contact for guidance on submitting a letter to the editor.


• Ask us about options to purchase prescriptions off of your insurance. In some cases the cash price may be lower than your insurance copay.

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