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Melissa Lonnecker, PA

Melissa received her Associate’s Degree in Biology from RICKS College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology with an Emphasis in Human Biology from Brigham Young University. She later attended Physician Assistant School from Western University of Health Sciences.  Melissa worked in Family Practice/Urgent Care from 2001-2012. Her personal philosophy is to live well until you die. Melissa’s professional philosophy centers around “Functional Medicine, which is to make sure the body has the building blocks it needs so it can heal and thrive. These building blocks include nutrients, hormones and lifestyle factors.” Melissa is the most experienced hormone therapy practitioner on our list.


Initial Price: $695

Monthly Price: $95

Accepts Insurance: No

Wait Time: 6-10 Weeks

Treats Men: Yes

Treats Women: Yes

Telemedicine: Yes

Sees Patients From Outside of Utah: Yes

Special Offer: None currently

Scope of Practice: Hormone therapy, esp. cases of higher complexity.  Includes functional medicine and other health issues with limitations.  Inquire about your specific issues and diagnoses.


Address: 8899 S 700 E Suite #250 Sandy, UT 84070

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