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How It Works


Go to Hormone Imbalance Screenings on  Choose the screening you want and fill out the contact information. This will help us contact you to setup your lab consult.

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You will then be directed to your chosen hormone panel on  Add the panel to your cart.

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Create a new "lab subject" and input all needed information.  Choose LabCorp Requisition Form.  We recommend that you put in as an alternate email to recieve your lab test results.  This will make it possible for our pharmacist to receive your lab results and review them with you.

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Complete your lab order by inputting all required information and making an online payment.  Upon completion you will be sent an email from confirming your order.  This is an automated email.  Don't worry about it talking about supplements and receiving packages.  Your lab order will be sent to you in another email.

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A second email will be sent to you usually within a few hours.  This email will contain your lab order and locations of the closest labs to you.  Read the information in the email for all lab instructions.  

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Take your lab order to the most convenient location for your tests.  After some time you will receive your lab results by email or mail (whichever you chose).  Call or email us at Mt Olympus Compounding to setup your free consult to review your results with one of our clinically trained pharmacists.

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